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Assuresoft is proud to have achieved a Top 3 ranking in the Great Place To Work® certification for gender equality in 2023. This accomplishment reflects their commitment to fair development and innovation, a dedication that has persisted for over 17 years.
The company actively promotes equality and inclusion, values that underpin their unique and rigorous methodology, endorsed by Great Place To Work®, setting a global standard for identifying the best workplaces in all sectors, thereby promoting equity in the workplace.

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LA PAZ, BOLIVIA - In a further demonstration of its commitment to cutting-edge technology and research in the region, AssureSoft shone as the official sponsor of CLEI 2023. This summit, which took place in the majestic city of La Paz, Bolivia from October 16-20, 2023, represents the most prominent forum in Latin America for Computer Science and Informatics professionals and academics.

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AssureSoft, the software development company headquartered in the United States and with development centers in Bolivia carried out the campaign "Leave your footprint and take care of the Planet", an activity to raise awareness and remember World Environment Day.

This year they joined the cause "Without plastic bags" with the motto chosen by the members of the company "Less Plastic. More Life". In addition to the cloth bags, recycled notebooks were given to the company's staff.

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AssureSoft, the leading software developer, is known for helping its customers thrive in the digital age. A couple of weeks ago, one of the fastest-growing food chains in Denver, Colorado, USA contacted our company to boost and accelerate the development of its technology platform and software products that will support thousands of customers and employees on a daily basis. Part of this technological challenge is to create a scalable architecture that allows the global expansion of this chain.

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