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Outsourcing to Latin America

Latin America, with its Nearshore Advantage, is increasingly becoming a popular destination for software development outsourcing. Latin America's proximity to the U.S., the relative lack of language and cultural barriers, and the overall education and skill levels of the population are all factors for the emergence of Latin America as a major outsourcing region. Outsourcing is not just about cost savings, it's about increasing efficiency and many companies in the U.S. are finding it more beneficial to outsource closer to home.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Software Development team to Latin America:

  • Lower cost of both labor and supplies

  • Same time zone as North America

  • Large pool of skilled professionals

  • Proficient in English

  • Latest telecommunication technologies

  • Many years of experience in outsourcing services

  • Fast growing IT industry

  • Exceptional quality of life

  • Faster response time

Software Development Outsourcing’s New Hot Spot!

About Bolivia

Bolivia is not the largest outsourcing country in Latin America, or even the most known. However, that is the key to one of its intrinsic advantages. Larger outsourcing countries in Latin America are attracting the attention of large technology companies and even the big offshore players. As a result, these countries are starting to experience the same issues as the major outsourcing regions. The best paying jobs and the most prestige is at the larger outsourcing firms and the offshore divisions of large U.S. companies. Hence, the best talent resides there, not at the smaller outsourcing firms where attrition and turnover is high and talent harder to come by. The situation has also inflated rates which in many cases have lost much of their cost advantage. Customers needing large teams of 50+ will have access to the higher talent but those with smaller needs will not. They will be relegated to lower 3rd to 5th tier firms that suffer from high attrition and turnover and lack of talent.

Bolivia is not the best known country in South America for software outsourcing, but that is its intrinsic advantage. It has a solid infrastructure and an excellent university system that graduates 1000's of students with Bachelor of Science and Master's Degrees in computer science, but it does not suffer from an influx of research centers and large offshore companies. Companies such as AssureSoft have access to this excellent talent pool and the ability to provide long term careers. The result? Access to Tier 1 companies such as AssureSoft with low turnover/attrition, and reasonable rates.

AssureSoft is the leading Nearshore Software Development Company in Latin America. To learn more about the benefits of Outsourcing to Latin America, please contact us at latam@assuresoft.com