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on 10 Jul 2020 11:10 PM


Today, the technological area is in constant change and development. Companies are looking for competent and productive programmers who can build stable relationships with clients, their colleagues and the company. In addition to the experience and technical attributes that programmers can highlight as capabilities, there are certain important skills at the time of writing code that allow a better work approach. Here are some soft skills that you should consider, as they are highly valued by professional leaders and recruiters:

  •  Proactivity: this skill is very important, as programmers are now expected to be able to adapt to any circumstance.  To be proactive, you must be an active person, making assertive decisions and advancing the processes so that you are efficient in your work team.
  • Analysis capacity: this will allow you to build in-depth new knowledge based on what you already have, so you can simplify problems that may arise. In addition, you will have more room to make improvements and make appropriate decisions.
  •  Problem-solving:  the main thing is to find a methodology that you can follow in these cases. First, you must understand and analyze the problem in its entirety, then go step by step to find the fault. Avoid wanting to solve everything, as the saying goes "Divide and conquer", since when finding a difficult problem it is better to concentrate on solving the sub-problems from the simplest to the most complex, so that the combination of these allows you to solve the main problem. 
  •  Adaptability: programmers must be prepared for changes that may arise in the development of the project, in addition to constant innovation, continuous updating of existing technologies and learning new languages. Since new and quite varied projects can appear at any time, and since computer systems are present in almost every type of business and activity, it is essential to be curious and research.
  • Time management: it is important to create a discipline that allows you to be more productive in the work environment, trying to estimate the time it takes to perform each user story (task or activity) and the effort involved in each of them, so you can prioritize and manage your time in a valuable way. These habits will improve your organization in general, reflecting the order in your work area, so that it will help you concentrate and improve your work performance.
  •  Effective and efficient communication: because a programmer's work has an impact on the team, it is important that when it is time to communicate the ideas, they are clear, precise and give objective information, so that everyone can understand and be in harmony with the solution or opinion given to the team, thus generating better results. By being assertive, you will be able to optimize your time, thus establishing brief interactions capable of transmitting your ideas without any inconvenience.
  • Perseverance: there are many challenges when writing code. Failures or problems arise frequently, but giving up is not an option when facing those situations. The best thing is to have control to solve it step by step, which implies having patience and constancy. In addition, the effort you make will increase the likelihood that you will achieve more difficult goals.

It is clear that programmers have quite a few skills. Although there are more skills than those already mentioned, these are very important because they have a greater value when it comes to rating the effectiveness of a programmer.  We hope that this article will be useful to you and help you improve your performance, as well as stand out in your work environment.