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on 15 Jun 2020 5:45 PM

Technology: One of least affected sectors during the crisis

The global economy has been hit very hard; the pandemic has affected several sectors of industry. The quarantine has forced us to stay at home, and businesses have been forced to change, enhance and focus their operating system differently in order to survive. All generations have had to adapt to this big technological change and adapt to a digital life. 

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has identified sectors of the economy that are most at risk, among them: the hotel and food sector, the real estate sector and administrative activities, factories, shops and stores, as well as the art sector.

The technology sector versus Covid-19

The spread of the pandemic has not affected all businesses in the same way. Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis, countless technological projects have emerged to combat the coronavirus, making the technological innovation sector a necessary ally. Different applications have been created to help reduce the spread of the virus, in addition to tracking systems, early detection of symptoms, 3D printed ventilators for hospitals, data analysis, artificial intelligence, communication platforms to support continuous work from home and much more. This situation has shown us how powerful and fundamental technology is in preventing the spread of this disease, and in helping to get through the days of confinement, staying connected, and in many cases, performing interrupted remote work.

Another example of how technology addresses this situation is the joint support of various technological representatives who seek to make treatments and cures for the disease viable. According to Forbes, the magazine specializing in the world of business and finance, "Companies like Amazon, AT&T, Google, Huawei, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Telefonica, among others, have chosen to provide free access to their services for public institutions, academics, health personnel, and pharmaceutical companies, among others, to accelerate research into the development of drugs and vaccines to combat COVID-19.”

A new look for future professionals

Due to this big change, the new generation of students must take several factors into account before choosing a career, since it is predicted that by 2022 million of jobs in different areas could disappear. However, at the same time, new opportunities will be generated in branches related to innovation and technology.

The experts mentioned that when the pandemic ends, the demand for systems engineers, programmers, robotics specialists, cybersecurity and of course professionals in all areas of preventive medicine and biotechnology will increase. In addition, several jobs related to the digital revolution will be created in areas such as: artificial intelligence, data analysis, and others.

In view of this very big change that the world is going through, it is important to consider careers focused on new technologies or to complement professional skills with postgraduate courses related to digital tools and the new market needs in one’s field of action.

Technological advances and constant innovation are essential now and to build a safer future.